Children & Families

Bibles for Children:

Websites and Blogs:

  • Flame Creative Children's Ministry offers lots of crafts and hands-on prayer activities.
  • Illustrated Children's Ministries--we love their seasonal devotional books in Advent and Lent.
  • Grow Christians is one of our favorite blogs with tips for Christian parents, both the successes and the failures!
  • The Barefoot Mommy is a blog from a Christian mom with great ideas for introducing some social justice/global citizen concepts to children.
  • Vibrant Faith at Home is a treasure trove of activities, searchable by age group, topic, or season.
  • Faith at Home is a great resource for all age groups, including grandparents!  Hint: using the 'Help and Resource Categories' search function seems to work a bit better than the first 'Search Articles' button.
  • Faith5 (Faith Acts In the Home) is a specific program designed to insert into your family's meal or bedtime routine.  


For Youth:

  • DEVOzine: This online "devotional lifestyle magazine" is written by teens, for teens, with lots of articles about faith in action.  The goal is to help teenagers develop a lifelong practice of spending time with God and of reflecting on what God is doing in their lives.
  • d365: Try out these daily devotions--you can get the free app for your phone!
  • The Episcopal Cafe: This eclectic website collects a variety of stories of interest relating to the Episcopal/Anglican church.  It's got a little bit of a lot of stuff!

For Parents of Youth:

  • Sticky Faith is part of the excellent Fuller Youth Institute's resources. Both have solid, timely articles for parents and anyone who works with youth--highly recommended! They have particularly useful articles on youth dealing with anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of modern youth culture, all with a Christian foundation.
  • Faith5: This website offers a simple five-step path to growing faith in your family: sharing highs and lows; reading a Bible verse or story; talking about your faith experience; praying for one another; and blessing one another.
  • Grow Christians is a great blog-style website that has parenting and faith formation tips for all ages and stages.  Check out their Archive link for a full listing of some really useful and encouraging articles.
  • Faith at Home: This handy site lists a collection of printed and digital resources by topic, including "Parents of Teens."
  • Vibrant Faith at Home offers a huge, comprehensive selection of activities and discussion starters for a wide audience.  Use the "Library" link at the top to sort by audience and/or topic.


  • Brother, Give Us a Word from SSJE, offering a brief daily reflection delivered to your inbox. They also offer Advent and Lent devotions.
  • Pray As You Go is a daily prayer session designed in MP3 format or as an app.
  • Redeem the Commute is a website and app for busy, commuting people
  • d365, a website and phone app that brings a brief daily devotional to you each day!
  • Daughters of the King is an order for women focused on prayer, service and evangelism. Click here to learn more about the DoK chapter at St. Peter's!
  • Each spring from Ascension to Pentecost we participate in Thy Kingdom Come, a global prayer movement.

Bible Study

  • The Bible Challenge: St. Peter's has been participating in the Good Book Club and the Bible Challenge during the last year. This is a great way to start engaging with Scripture in an accessible way! We will be reading from the Romans during Epiphany 2019--join us! 
  • In Fall 2018, we did a series on the Psalms, inspired by a conversation between Bono and Eugene Peterson, translator of The Message. Check out the webpage for lots of great resources on the Psalms!
  • For those approaching the Bible for the first time, or the first time in a while, we offer this four-part introductory series adaptable for all ages: