Faith Formation at St. Peter's Church

Faith formation seeks to help people:
—Grow in their relationship with God for the whole of life
—Live as disciples of Jesus at home, at work, in the community, and in the world
—Develop an understanding of the Bible and their faith tradition
—Deepen their spiritual life and practices
—Engage in service and mission to the world
—Participate in the life and ministries of their faith community
— John Roberto, Generations Together

Faith formation, or the forming of people as disciples of Jesus Christ, is a lifelong journey.  So, we offer a variety of programs to help equip people of all ages for this journey.  The Episcopal Church's Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation tells us that God invites us to enter a life of prayerful worship and continuous learning.  He also inspires us to develop new learning experiences and equip disciples for life in this world.  Finally, God transforms us into a loving community who witnesses to the love of God as we strive to do the work Jesus calls us to do. In doing so we develop a faith of the head, the heart, and the hands.  Join us as we live out our baptismal vows as a community of faith!


Children at St. Peter's

St. Peter's offers a variety of programs for children of all ages, in church, after church, and at home!  If you are interested in having your child baptized at St. Peter's, we are here to answer questions.  Children are welcome here! Click a button below to learn more!

Families & Adults

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and we know that people have different formation needs at different stages of life. Whether you are looking for personal formation or caring for an entire family, we have resources to help you on your journey.

Confirmation & Youth

For older children our confirmation program is a two-year, dynamic experience, usually for students in 7th & 8th grade.  For high school students, our youth group meets regularly for prayer, service, and fellowship. Check out our programs below!

Faith at Home & Church 

We love to see you at church, and we offer lots of activities there, like LIFE 2.0.  We also know that real faith is formed in the home, too.  Check our pages below--we can equip you to be a leader in your family's formation!

Upcoming Events:

Blessing of the Backpacks
September 10 / 10:00 am / St. Peter's

Bring backpacks to church to receive a blessing as we begin a new school year. We'll say prayers for both the excitement and anxiety we may feel in this transition time. 

LIFE 2.0: Faith at Home
September 17 / 11:30 am / Parish Hall

Our program year begins with September's LIFE 2.0, or Living in Faith Everyday! This month, we'll gather after the 10:00 am worship service for all-ages, family-friendly formation activities about Faith at Home. Studies show us that families who practice faith at home AND at church are more likely to have faithful kids. Learn more on September 17!

Family Faith Night
September 29 / 6:00 - 9:00 pm / Parish Hall

This new event brings families of all ages together for fellowship, food, and faith! We'll eat dinner and follow up with some of the faith-at-home ideas from last week's LIFE 2.0. Join us!

St. Francis Blessing of the Animals
October 1 / 10:00 am / St. Peter's
Bring your pets (appropriately caged or leashed) to our annual celebration of St. Francis and his ministry to all God's creatures! Pets are welcome at the 10:00 am service and will receive their own blessings.

LIFE 2.0: Celebrating the Reformation
October 15 / 11:30 am / Parish Hall
2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, from which the Episcopal Church emerged. Join us for all-ages, family-friendly activities as we learn about this part of church history and celebrate the diversity of belief in the Christian community.