Faith at Church

We are a thriving, vibrant community of faith, and we want to see you at church!  We know that schedules are tight, and families are unruly and sometimes unwilling. We also know that if you make the space in your life to worship at church once a week, once a month, whenever you can--it will enrich your faith in amazing ways.  To encourage you in this journey, we offer several programs, many of which are designed for children and families but available for all. Join us!


LIFE 2.0

LIFE 2.0, or Living in Faith Everyday, is our hallmark faith formation program at church.  It is interactive and multi-generational.  Events occur throughout the year--some are more structured, some are more flexible.  We focus on learning through crafts, activities, service, and fellowship. Although we meet at church, we also seek to equip families and individuals for Faith at Home through our programs.  LIFE 2.0 events are usually scheduled once or twice a month, and families and individuals of all ages are invited to participate.  Some of these events include:

  • Seasonal events such as the Advent Workshop each December and our Journey through Lent in the spring.  We also publish take-home calendars for these seasons, with daily reflections, service ideas, and fun facts about our faith traditions.
  • Movie Nights several times a year.  Join us as we camp out in the Parish Hall for dinner (or snacks) and a movie that connects with our faith, sometimes in unexpected ways. Discussion topics are available to keep the conversation going.  Movies are announced in advance, but are selected with a wide age-range in mind.
  • Annual traditions such as the Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve and our All Saints' Celebration.  We also celebrate the Blessing of the Backpacks in September, and Bible & Prayer Book Sunday in October.  These are frequently church-wide events, and important parts of the fabric of our parish life.
  • Funday School, which is our summer formation program geared towards children in the summer.  We meet at 10:00 am on four designated Sundays for crafts and activities on the church lawn, then move inside to join the rest of the congregation for the Peace.  

Winter/Spring LIFE 2.0 Events:

LIFE 2.0: Celebrating our Baptism
January 7 / 11:30 am / Parish Hall

We will celebrate the baptism of Jesus by looking at the rituals and symbols of our own baptisms. We'll also remember our five baptismal vows!

LIFE 2.0: The Stories of Genesis
February 4 / 11:30 am / Parish Hall

Using LEGOs and other hands-on activities, we will take a look at some of our well-known, and less well-known, stories from the Book of Genesis in the Bible. 

A Lenten LIFE 2.0 Event: Music & Worship
February 25, March 4, March 11 and March 18 / 11:30 am / Parish Hall & Church

For Lent, we will be exploring the rich Anglican tradition of music in our worship services. Each week, a different music ministry will present information and examples of their different contributions to our varied and beautiful worship tradition! 
February 25: Bell Choirs
March 4: Organ
March 11: Peter's Rock
March 18: St. Peter's Choir

LIFE 2.0: Journey through Holy Week & Pysanky Workshop
March 25 / 11:30 am / Parish Hall & Classroom A

Our annual Journey through Holy Week prepares us for the upcoming path to Easter. Join us for a variety of activities that recognize and teach about the fullness of the Last Supper, the sacrifice of Good Friday, and the resurrection joy of Easter. Our 2nd annual Pysanky Workshop (for adults and older teens) will also be held today.

LIFE 2.0: Holy Communion
April 15 / 11:30 am / Parish Hall

We will learn about the gift and sacrament of Holy Communion at this all-ages faith formation event! This is especially good for children who receive communion but are still learning about the meaning and symbols. 

LIFE 2.0 Outreach Series
April 22, 29, May 6 / 11:30 am / Parish Hall

Join us for an in-depth look at some of our many outreach ministries! Hear stories and witnesses from our Thrift Shop, After School Program, and Community Supper ministries are working in our community to seek and serve Christ in all others! 

LIFE 2.0: Pentecost
May 20 / 11:30 am / Parish Hall

We will be on fire with the Holy Spirit at this final LIFE 2.0 for the program year. Join us!

Wiggle and Worship.jpg

Wiggle & Worship

Wiggle & Worship is our Sunday morning program for children under 10.  Sometimes the service can seem a little long, and the pews can be a little confining!  On most Sundays (summer excepted) at the 10:00 am service, we gather all interested children at the front of the church at the beginning of the Gospel.  We leave the church for our own more active worship activities of prayer, song, movement, and reflection.  We return to church at the Peace.  Once or twice a year, we perform one of the songs we've learned for the congregation.  If you're a Wiggler, come join us!

Celebrate Milestones.jpg

Milestone Moments

During each worship service at St. Peter's, we pause following the Peace to observe any milestones our parishioners may be celebrating.  Birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, new skills, first days of school, lost teeth, new driver's license, retirements--anything that you mark in your own life, let us mark it with you!  God is with us in all our life moments, not just those at church, and we recognize and celebrate these milestones that make up our lives with God and as a faith community.

"It's been my experience that people develop a more meaningful faith when they are free to explore it on their own."

Read more from this Grow Christians blog entry, "My Daughter is Growing into Leadership--as an Acolyte" by Heather Sleightholm.

Worship Ministries

One of the most meaningful ways to live out your faith at church is through participation in one of our worship ministries.  For adults, there are a variety of options--please see our Worship Ministries page for more details.  Children are also invited to participate in our worship ministries, and there is no better way to learn the beautiful rituals of our Episcopal tradition!  Children as young as 4 can help bring the elements up to the altar before the Eucharist as oblationers. Children who are comfortable reading aloud can serve as lectors (readers) or by reading the Prayers of the People.  Children from 4th grade and up are invited to serve as acolytes, and older children can serve as ushers.  Please contact the church office for more details!