Almighty and eternal God, you declare your glory and show forth your handiwork in the heavens and in the earth: Guide us through this Capital Campaign so that the work we do is done in faith, truth, and beauty; help us to create a place of welcoming, a place of healing, a place of fellowship and celebration, a crossroads of all life in our community; for the sake of the one who came among us as one who serves, your Son Jesus Christ our Savior, who reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
— Collect for Building Crossroads

Funding Crossroads

The budget for Building Crossroads is $1.9 million, funded through a combination of parishioner support and outside sources.  We see the funding need for this project as a pool that is filled from three different buckets:

Three Buckets.JPG
  • Parishioner giving over two successive three year campaigns
  • Grant applications
  • Major donor contributions from individuals, organizations, and crowd-sourced campaigns such as GoFundMe

We started to fill our first bucket with a $550,000 capital campaign, on September 10, 2017. This is the first of two campaigns for St. Peter's and will run through September 2020. We will then initiate a second three-year campaign to completely fill the first bucket.

Parishioners have been enthusiastic in their support for Building Crossroads. We have also learned that campaign giving can come from multiple, creative sources that may not stretch the household budget at all. Examples include:

  • Stock transfers
  • Donations of real estate or valuable property
  • Increased cash flow through reducing unnecessary household expenses (subscriptions and services we all pay for but often do not use)
  • Sale of unused tools and equipment on eBay
  • Redirecting payments from a completed car loan or student loan to the capital campaign
  • Creative savings strategies through apps like Qapital
  • Lifestyle adjustments such as washing one's own car or reducing a coffee habit that create additional cash flow

Read more about these strategies in our Creative Ways to Give handout.

Some of our parishioners are using these or similar strategies to fund their contributions. Others are increasing their cash pledge by including these strategies. 

Once our initial campaign is well under way, we will start filling the second and third buckets through grant applications and cultivating relationships with individuals and corporations that value the ministries St. Peter's offers and will base at Crossroads. We have already received some generous community support and look forward to strengthening these relationships and building new connections as Building Crossroads develops.

We will also engage new and emerging funding strategies from online groups like GoFundMe that have shown great support for community services through crowd-sourced funding.

This is an exciting time for us. If you have any additional ideas or suggestions, we are eager to here them. You can email our Rector, the Rev. Dirk C. Reinken, with any questions or comments. 

Those who wish to pledge or make a one-time donation to the campaign may do so through the links below.