Family Faith Formation at St. Peter's

We believe that families are our most basic faith community.  Families of all shapes and sizes help God gather us in fellowship and teach us in relationship with each other.  As Christian families, we worship at church but also recognize God's presence in our daily lives.  We also know that parents and grandparents have the biggest impact on a child's lifelong faith formation.  At St. Peter's, we offer several resources to encourage and support families deepen this relationship and live our their faith in God.


Worship Together

Worship is our primary form of faith formation!  Although it can seem daunting to bring small children into a worship service, please know we welcome all God's children into each of our services.  Teaching them, through experience, the rituals of our worship tradition is a very important formation activity!

Faith at Home

We believe that families are the most influential factor in faith formation.  Our goal at St. Peter's is to equip and empower parents and grandparents to be the primary religious teachers of their children and grandchildren by bringing faith into daily life.  Some of the most effective and lasting methods of expressing faith at home are: a simple willingness to answer and explore questions; regular prayer (at meals and bedtime); including Bible and faith stories in the family library; volunteering as a family in community service; and marking milestones and the seasons of the church year with meaningful rituals at home.  Our Faith at Home page has lots of ideas to get started!

LIFE 2.0

While much of our faith formation is done outside of church walls, we also gather regularly in learning, service and fellowship.  Our monthly LIFE 2.0 programs (Living In Faith Everyday) gather all ages to learn about the Bible and our faith traditions, serve our community, and spend time in fellowship with each other.  Each month is a different focus and activity. LIFE 2.0 dates for this season are:

  • Sunday, January 7: LIFE 2.0: Celebrating our Baptisms
  • Sunday, February 4: LIFE 2.0: The Stories of Genesis
  • Sundays, February 25-March 18: LIFE 2.0: Music and Worship
  • Sunday, March 25: LIFE 2.0: Journey through Holy Week
  • Sunday, April 15: LIFE 2.0: Holy Communion
  • Sunday, May 20: LIFE 2.0: Pentecost: Welcoming the Holy Spirit