For more than 300 years, St. Peter's has stood at the crossroads of Freehold, faithfully serving our vibrant community: an Episcopal parish sharing Christ's love since 1702.

Each week, in addition to our own fellowship and ministry groups, we host feeding programs, support groups, community groups, tutoring programs, emergency housing support programs, and music events whose participants far outnumber our own membership. 

Our past is rich and full of great work, and we dream of expanding on our tradition of seeking and serving Christ in all people.  However, our parish house, which has served us well as the hub of these ministries and services, has reached the end of its useful life. Through discussion and prayer with the congregation, we have discerned that now is the time to act and move forward with a new building.

We are preparing to build a place that brings together all that we value and allows us to expand on our ministries today and for many years to come. We will build a space that is accessible to all and fully functional for modern mission. This space will fit into the historic nature of our property, while providing modern facilities that will bring together the ministries of our congregation with community programs that provide for those in need.

This is our vision and the core of our "Building Crossroads" campaign. It speaks to our understanding of St. Peter's mission in the community as well as a commitment to create a new gathering place.

The work of St. Peter's is God's work. We can feel it and see it each day, in everything that happens here. Our church is alive, vibrant and valued by our members and by those in need in our community. But that is not enough; we need to commit our energy and funds to this vision!

We invite you to join us in these ways:

Pray that this campaign allows us to more fully seek and serve Christ in all people.

Engage and be a part of building this new foundation of ministry for generations to come.



Our Plan to Build Crossroads

We have developed a building and financial plan to make Crossroads a reality. Our plan includes a new center for parish ministry, community service, and fellowship; removal of an aging structure that hinders our historic church; and finish work to increase the welcoming feel of our campus at the crossroads of Freehold.

Check out our concept art and plan overview!

Three Buckets.JPG

Our Plan to Fund Crossroads

The budget for Building Crossroads is $1.9 million, funded through a combination of parishioner support and outside sources.  We see the funding need for this project as a pool that is filled from three different buckets:

  • Parishioner Giving
  • Grant Applications
  • Major Gifts and Crowd-Sourcing campaigns

Developing our Vision

In Spring 2016, the St. Peter's community began a visioning process to develop a replacement for our aging Parish House so that our public spaces can be accessible, flexible, and attractive in order to meet the needs of ministry in Freehold.

Read more about our discernment process and view the vision report presented to the congregation.